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Mark models self after girlfriend

Mark Herras

JUST A THOUGHT: “Whatever you are willing to put up with is exactly what you will have.” – Anonymous

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MARK COPIES WYNWYN WALK: Not for lack of a role model, Mark Herras subconsciously copied the sashay-walk of girlfriend WynWyn Marquez in his portrayal of a gay parlorista on his new teleserye.

It was his leading lady, Miss World Megan Young, who pointed it out during the program’s media launch Tuesday night at GMA.

Mark cleared it wasn’t intentional on his part. In fact, he claimed he wasn’t even aware of it.

Mark and WynWyn have been together for sometime. He said she has been encouraging him to play the cross-dressing character to the hilt.

“Just enjoy the show,” WynWyn, a former Bb. Pilipinas candidate turned actress, would tell him.

The veteran actor, the first male winner of GMA’s “Starstruck” reality TV search, said he’s doing just that. The only part of the character that he doesn’t like is wearing high heels.

“Hindi ko talaga siya kaya,” he begged. He also didn’t want to tighten his crotch area, “kasi masakit siya.”

“You’ll notice that in my scenes, I always cover my middle part with some cloth, a fan or something,” he explained.

* * *

CONAN ISN’T GAY: How far will you go for your family and for the woman you love?

For Conan, he would do anything – even pretend to be gay and work in a beauty salon.

“Conan My Beautician,” a production of GMA Public Affairs, is the story of Conan, a straight guy who is forced to work in a beauty salon in Manila after his family is forced to escape from their hometown.

While on the outside he projects the vivacious and most talented beautician at Salon Paz, Conan remains a straight guy on the inside. He finds himself falling in love with Ava, played by Megan, the bride he is supposed to work on in a makeup gig.

It is the first time Mark is playing a gay role in a teleserye.

For Megan, who is also a “Starstruck” alumna, “Conan My Beautician” will be her first attempt in a comedy series.

Completing the stellar cast of “Conan My Beautician” are Cacai Bautista, Jerald Napoles, Betong Sumaya, Boobsie, Tetay, Vangie Labalan, Lotlot de Leon, Jay Manalo, Chlaui Malayao, Antonette Garcia, and Balang.

Conan is directed by Adolf Alix, Jr. (with Rember Gelera), who considers doing a comedy series a breather from the serious drama films he’s identified with.

The comic riot airs every Sunday on GMA starting June 26 at 5 p.m.