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Police gear up for disasters

The Philippine National Police has started preparing its personnel and other resources for disasters that would hit the country.

Chief Supt. Carlos de Sagun, executive officer of the PNP Directorate for Police Community Relations, said part of the preparations are the creation of eight clusters from various units that will serve as the frontliners in disaster response.

They are the search, rescue, and retrieval cluster; law and order cluster; health cluster; camp management cluster; dead and missing cluster; emergency and telecommunication cluster; logistics cluster; and food and non-food item cluster.

“We have already started auditing the PNP equipment in preparation for the calamities. This is to ensure our readiness,” said De Sagun.

De Sagun explained that it is inevitable for the PNP to be ready at all times since they are usually the ones being tapped from the disaster preparations to response and rehabilitation.

He said past incidents of disasters, such as “typhoon” Yolanda, are proof of the big role of the PNP not only in disaster response but also in the maintenance of law and order.

He said they reserved some two battalions of policemen, roughly 1,000 cops, for the maintenance of law and order during a disaster. De Sagun said this would prevent cases of looting and other crimes. (Aaron B. Recuenco)