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Elmo and Janella: Pressured, excited

Janella and Elmo

APPEAL – After barely a week of airing, the loveteam of “ElNella” has proved that it has public appeal – approved and acclaimed, in a manner of speaking.

Am referring to Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador, paired for the first time on ABS-CBN’s “Born for You.” While Janella is the studio’s contract artist for the last two years, Elmo is a first timer there.

The “kilig moments” are aplenty in the love drama that proves destiny exists. And that it has a way of uniting or separating people in love. This destiny between two young lovers makes “Born for You” exciting, not to be missed every evening.

PRESSURE, EXCITEMENT – Here are Elmo and Janella speaking… at once pressured and excited.

“I am very happy to be with ABS-CBN and very blessed to have what I have right now. But I am also nervous about what people are going to expect. Still, I believe in what I and Janella can offer,” said Elmo.

“There is little pressure but more excitement. When I was reading the script, I could already imagine how good the show is,” Janella added.

MUSIC TREAT – Aside from the “kilig” moments, viewers are also in for a huge music treat as the pair will not only showcase their acting skills, but also their musicality through performances that will surely delight fans.

“Music is so close to my heart and when I learned that my character Kevin is really passionate about music, I loved him instantly,” said the Kapamilya actor.

“This soap gave me the opportunity to play instruments, something that people have not seen before,” said Janella, who plays the ukulele in the series.

“Born for You” was shot in Japan, highlighting some scenic spots such as the world-famous Mount Fuji and Shibuya Crossing.

DESTINY – And even before its premiere, the show already received praises from viewers with its quality and promising story. The netizens are also abuzz with the “kilig” brought by the teleserye as the series is a consistent trending topic on social media.

The story of “Born for You” revolves around Sam (Janella) and Kevin (Elmo), two people destined for each other as proven by the concept of red string of fate, which says that an invisible string connects two destined people and are set to meet each other wherever they are in the world.

Their love for music will bring Sam and Kevin together, but it might also be the reason for their budding romance to be cut off.

What fate awaits Sam and Kevin? How will their parents’ past affect their destiny? Will the string that connects them be broken?

Joining the stellar cast of “Born for You” are Ariel Rivera, Vina Morales, Ayen Laurel, Bernard Palanca, Gina Pareño, Freddie Webb, Jimboy Martin, Joj Agpangan, Francis Magundayao, Smokey Manaloto, Ogie Diaz, Katya Santos, DJ Durano, Alfred Labatos, Kyline Alcantara, Paulo O’Hara, Neil Coleta, and young JV. It is under the direction of Onat Diaz and Jon Villarin.