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Brave new acting world for Janice

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‘RINGGO, THE DOG-SHOOTER’ – Today until July 10 is the 3rd World Premieres Film Festival 2016, whose sections include Filipino New Cinema. One of the entries is “Ringgo, the Dog-Shooter,” directed by Rahyan Carlos, written by Ricky Lee, and topbilled by Janice de Belen, Liza Diño, Sandino Martin, and I’nca (the Doberman). Introduced is Micha Oteyza.

The story, conceptualized by direk Rahyan, is most unusual, about dog-shooters who assist dogs during mating. Rahyan is a dog lover.

The film’s message is be kind to man’s best friend, dog, of course. It also tackles issues of lesbian couples, children who feel unloved by their parents. And people need not be related by blood to care for each other.

BRAVE NEW WORLD – This is the first time that Janice plays a butch lesbian, sporting tattoos, “siete” hair, and using foul language. And even doing a love scene with Liza, which really unnerved her. But then do it she must… and she did with flying colors.

“I thought I have no qualms and limits as an actress, but when the lesbian love scene came, I realized meron pala.

And so I requested direk Rahyan to shoot it on the last day… para wala na akong iniisip pa. Liza and I did it in one take, tapusin agad.”

The trailer of “Ringgo, the Dog-Shooter” showed a brave new (acting) world for Janice. What’s the next offbeat role?

AWARD? – Told Janice she might get her second best actress award in “Ringgo,” after “Kailan Ka Magiging Akin?” back in the ’80s.

She reminded she won one (and more) a few years back in a Cinemalaya entry. But then she shared the award (both for best actress and best supporting actress) with three others. And that they didn’t have a trophy, not even a plaque.

No wonder this columnist does not remember.

In “Ringgo,” Janice showed what a great actress she is, equal to any role. To be fair, Liza and Sandino also acted very well.

Rated R-13, “Ringgo” is produced by Olive Oteyza. It premieres July 1, Friday, at SM North EDSA, 8 p.m. Co-starring Bembol Roco, Bodjie Pascua, Manuel Chua, Jr., Rubi Rubi, and Olive Oteyza, the producer herself.