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Nothing achieved in URCC match – Kiko Matos

Kiko Matos

ACTOR Kiko Matos has said that nothing was really achieved in his match with fellow actor Baron Geisler during their much-awaited mixed martial arts exhibition duel for the Universal Reality Combat Championship at Valkyrie in Taguig City last June 25.

Asked what was achieved, Matos said: “Wala po. But I don’t regret doing it. When I think about it, wala namang na achieve.”

During an interview on “Tonight with Boy Abunda” on ABS-CBN, Matos said what happened was he gave in to the clamor of the people which is to engage in a mixed martial arts exhibition with Geisler.

“Binigay ko lang po kung ano talaga ‘yung gusto ng tao. Yun ang gusto nilang mangyari because while I was doing this, I would ask myself ‘why am I doing this?’ “ he asked.

But Matos said that the duel with Geisler was beyond fighting. “Then came the URCC. But before the URCC, nagsisisi na ako nun na kung bakit ko nagawa kay Baron yung incident. I want to prove to people that there are more important issues than this match.”

Matos also said that he was not disappointed when it was announced the match ended in a draw.

“I was not disappointed. I just didn’t want to lose. The draw was fine. I’m not even there para mapahiya ‘yung other party. I’m just there to fight para mapanindigan ko ‘yung mga sinabi ko before the fight happened,” he added.

Matos also said that he has known Geisler when he was still part of Star Magic talents of ABS-CBN.

“I worked with Baron when I was sill in Star Magic. We worked once but we are not friends. I’ve met him once. Then at the Star Awards, I approached him and I asked him if he still remembers me. But he does not remember me anymore. So I never bothered him anymore. I didn’t take it against him,” he said.

Matos denied that the challenge was a social experiment.

“I wish it was but it wasn’t. Somebody got hurt. Nasapak din ako. If it’s a social experiment, will it go to that extent?” he asked.

Matos also explained the kissing part of the match and the “urine-spray” incident.

“The kiss was unexpected. I was thinking of kissing him first but he came to me first. They do that in URCC para magalit yung kalaban. Naunahan lang n’ya ako,” he said.

Matos said that he never sprayed urine on Geisler. “It was beer. Pang-asar din lang ‘yun. Nagaasaran lang kami.”

Matos added that he and Geisler were not paid P100,000 each for the exhibition.

“We were paid P10,000 each if you’re a starting fighter and if you win, you get P15,000. If you’re a known fighter, may hierarchy ang bayad n’yan. You get P50,000 to P80,000 if your are a popular fighter,” he said.

Matos, 25, recalled the moment he fought Geisler, 34, on the ring. “That night on the octagon, I couldn’t think straight. I was cold at lahat ng pinag-aralan ko nawala. I practiced for two weeks at malamang dahil sa kaba at excitement nawala. Pero walang atrasan nun. It’s either you beat the guy or you get beaten up;

“The first round I dominated it and then I was looking at Baron in the eyes. I felt pity. I asked myself ‘what am I doing here?’ I knew I could beat the guy. Ipagpapatuloy ko pa ba? Sa second round I just played around. I knew I could dominate him;

“Sa second round, tinamaan ako sa ulo. Ayoko namang basagin yung opponent ko dahil we’re both actors kaya hindi ko tinamaan yung ilong n’ya at yung ngipin n’ya,” Matos said.

Matos also said that he took full responsibility that he made the first move the night he encountered Geisler.

But Geisler believes that Matos won in the two-round openweight fight.