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Tips on how to survive season of floods


IN the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila, rain is always imminent. Where there is rain, there is the threat of flooding.

So, it is important to be familiar with these 6 Tips on How to Survive Floods which we have culled from various sources.

Tip # 1: Make flood plans!

If there is a threat for flood, prepare for damages. Bring outdoor furniture, prep your car by removing the battery, prepare an emergency bag (a bag filled with a charged phone with load, canned goods, dry clothes, flash lights and tent if possible), and listen to the radio for evacuation announcements.

Tip #2: If you’re going through a flood, be prepared!

Wearing boots can protect you from sharp debris that could be concealed by water. Also, bring a stick to check for pits and open manholes.

Tip #3: If you’re inside a car, think.

Do NOT drive through a flood. If your car gets stuck in the water, turn the engine off and check for two things: water movement and the water level.

If the water level is rising, exit the vehicle immediately but if the water is moving, do not attempt to exit the vehicle without help.

Tip #4: Avoid electricity!

This might sound like common sense but there could be open electrical points submerged under flood water. If you must risk wading through potentially electrified water, according to an article by K.G. Bulsuk, titled “How to test for electrified flood waters without tools,” use the back of your hand to tap the water.

Bulsuk stated that electricity can cause the muscle from the back of the hand to cramp, automatically pulling your hand out of the water. Be warned though, using this tip is not without risks.

Tip #5: Get to High Ground!

If there is still enough time, evacuate. If you are trapped, climb and get to high ground. Get to the roof with your emergency bag and await rescue.

Tip #6: Stay away from the floods!

If it’s not of utmost importance, stay away from flood. Do not try to go through even if the water seems shallow.

Flood water can conceal pits and open manholes, 6-inch-deep moving water can throw you off balance, and two feet of rushing water can sweep away most vehicles.

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