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Good riddance!

“SIC gloria transit mundi”. All power is fleeting. It is one of many reminders how the great and the fool end.

Finally, the ignominious reign of vengeance and personalized colors has ended. In local wisdom, the stronger expression is “May katapusan ang lahat”. The retribution seared, that day the affront occurred against the family by a previous Administration over their priced hacienda, despite a personal visit by a maternal figure. The first order of the new watch was to review all the acts confined to the predecessor.

Hence the unconstitutionality of the executive reprisal. The second personality targeted for avengement, the very court official who overturned the initial attempt at exacting an eye-for-an-eye. Follow the clues, draw a straight line where the dots converge – the next, senators sent to pasture headed by the very individual once identified as the principal personality who caused the greatest destabilization to his mother.

Enunciated policies on “clean governance” and a “straight road”, a not so clever disguise for what was really personal. After all, the suitability or qualification of this presidency was never its best suit, but the filiation to tragedy. Without the latter, never was there a blip in the radar screen nor clamor in the public for his interference. From a loss “media-lized”, the introduction of another political tragedy shoe-horned. An emotional nation, moved by media giants giving prime time to a funeral cortege. The rest, history.

At least, the mother had the wisdom to employ 50 advisers, cognizant of her limitations. The son, dismissed such thought. The smugness was, only he knew how to administer the country since he was president. The jaundiced ribbon was the badge of his allegiance, his pacifier to exclusivity, not the flag. I recall the Luneta Tragedy, SAF-44 Massacre and the Presidential snub due to a car show, the DAP, Malaysian bribery over BBL and MILF, and the quiet haul (payola scheme) in a weekly take-home of the national “jueteng” etc. so in street lingo it was not just a “palpak” (failed) government, but in the end, “corrupt”. So good riddance! (Erik Espina)