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’50s top actresses


TOP ACTRESSES – While leafing through old files, this columnist comes across photos of the top actresses of the ’50s, the second golden age of Philippine movies.

They are Gloria Romero of Sampaguita, Nida Blanca and Charito Solis of LVN, and Anita Linda of Premiere. Then their studios made up the so-called Big Three. Or Big Four if Lebran is included.

Nida and Charito are shining in another world, Anita seldom makes movies, while Gloria, the most regal of all movie queens, is still very much around, especially on television.

JUSTICE FOR NIDA – The brutal murder of Nida still cries for justice. She who made people happy with her movies, especially opposite the late Nestor de Villa, and later television with Dolphy as leading man. Remember the long-running and top-rating “John en Marsha”?

MEMORABLE MOVIES – Anita starred in such memorable movies as “Sisa” and “Fellow, Soldier.”

Charito starred in classics like “Kundiman ng Lahi,” “Karnal,” and “Ina, Kapatid, Anak”.

Gloria is unforgettable in “Dalagang Ilocana,” “Condemned,” and “Tanging Yaman.”