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Never allow limitations to cripple you

WHAT cripples you? What prevents you from doing what you love and shining in a particular area?

Some people allow lack of self-confidence to cripple them. Don’t. Instead, believe in yourself and in what you can do. Do something to improve yourself continuously. Never highlight your imperfections and your mistakes, but learn from them. Focus on your strengths.

Other people are crippled by fear of failure or actual failures. A failure is not a final end, unless you allow it.

Didn’t you learn anything from your failures? Can’t you pick up the pieces and begin again? No one else can do that for you.

There are also people who are crippled by lack of material things. Actually, it has become a convenient excuse of many individuals for not even attempting to accomplish anything. How come there are less fortunate people who manage to find ways?

There’s one more thing: How many people allow labels to cripple them? “I’m just a son of a poor farmer, so I won’t be able to pursue a college course”. However, there’s a farmer’s son who peddled various household items in order to support his studies. He also drove a taxi while reviewing for the bar exam and eventually became a lawyer after many years of deprivation and struggle.

What do you want to achieve? If others do not allow certain things and situations to cripple them, why should you?

Perhaps you’re even luckier in some aspects and enjoying full support of your family and friends. What justification can you give for not even trying to achieve something?

Boost your self-confidence. Dismiss labels which do not empower. Focus on what you can achieve despite the obstacles and train yourself to excel. Conquer your fears. No one else can do that for you.

Finally, here’s a beautiful quote from Og Mandino: “I will persist until I succeed!” (Marilyn C. Arayata)