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Dut-thesaurus (alternatively called Dut-tionary) is a compilation of words and phrases – supplied by his fans and foes alike – which attempt to describe the complex, enigmatic President Rody, the 16th President of the Philippines.
The following is a continuation from last week’s article:

R – rock star ang dating, reckless, reluctant candidate (pakipot, initially), rude (in his own words), rough, rugged, radical, reformist, ready to challenge institutions, revolution from the bottom, reset button (according to Alan Peter Cayetano), rowdy, rambling, ranting

S – strong-willed, shaker, soft on night street-walkers, strict, sings to his own tune, Spartan, simple living, still sexy, survivor, sincere, self-deprecating, San Beda alumnus, speaks his mind , seismic, scoffer, swashbuckling,
“Sipol Man”, speaks straight from the heart

T – tough, “Tunay ito!” , transformational, tectonic, turnoff (to polite society), TRO against ABS-CBN, takot sa mumo sa Malacañang

U – unapologetic, unique personality, unorthodox, uncommon, un-presidential (hopefully, until June 29 only), upbeat, upfront, uncomfortable with Manila media, uncouth, Ugong ni Digong, uncensored, uncertain times ahead?

V – visionary, very patriotic, very (….supply your own description), vroom vroom

W – whistler, woe to drug lords, “Why does he do that?”, “What is this guy up to?”, “Watch out!”, “What you see is what you get.”, walang preno

X – x-x-x, x-rated

Y – young once, “You better watch out, rogue generals!”

Z – zero tolerance for drugs, zero tolerance for corruption, Zap! Zing! Zoom!

Some Dutertisms –
1. To suspected drug lords: “Stop it or I will kill you.”

2. “There is no cure for stupidity and incompetence.”

3. To suspected narco police generals. “Resign now or be publicly humiliated.”

4. “Prostitution is not a crime. It is more of a public health issue.”

5. “There are three types of journalists. One, the real crusaders. Two. The mouthpieces of vested interest. Three. The lowlife journalist.”

6. “Huwag tayong magbolahan dito.”

7. To the Abu Sayaf….”There will be a reckoning one of these days.”

8. To Leila de Lima: “If she does not stop, I will kill her…. with love…” (chuckles)

9. “What a hypocrite!” (referring to a man of the cloth)

10. “I am ready to lose the presidency any time…. So don’t f…. with me.”

11. “Mag-boycott na kayo!”

12. “Shape up now.”

13. “Let us give the Filipino(s) a respite from corruption.”

14. “I will never change my style, my character and my identity.” But later, he backtracked: “When I become president, when I take my oath of office… ibang storya na yun… There will be a metamorphosis.”

15. “You can not stop anybody from whistling. That is part of the freedom of speech.”

16. “Ayaw ko na tinatakot ako.”

17. “On Freddie Aguilar: That guy is a nationalist. His love of country shows in his messages. …. He is a singer with a social conscience.”

18. “If you do not like me. So be it. I do not like you also.”

19. On the Mindanao problem: “I will never agree to any breakage of this country.”

20. On his appointees: “I can assure you that all selected are men (and women) of goodwill and honesty”.

21. More on his appointees: “They are all Filipinos…. loving their country…. and ready to do their share of nation-building.”

22. “I do not want cue-ing. … I do not want Filipinos lying in the heat of the sun” (while following up their papers with government agencies)

23. Talking to other possible investors: “Can you match the offer? (to build railroad system) If you can not match the offer, I will accept the goodwill of China.”

24. “The streets of Manila, and everywhere else in the Philippines, must be returned to the citizens.”

25. “I hold it as an article of faith… following the experience in Davao… that there can be no progress or development of a local government or the community unless there is law and order.”

26. “Cut red tape…. stop changing, bending rules.”

27. “I am ready to start to work for the nation.”

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(Atty. Ignacio R. Bunye)