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Solons reject same-sex union bill

Even before it is filed, a bill seeking to legalize same-sex marriage in the country faces opposition from lawmakers.

Quezon City Rep. Feliciano Belmonte Jr. and Isabela Rep. Rodito Albano outrightly rejected the proposal that will be filed by Akbayan partylist Rep. Barry Gutierrez.

The former House Speaker warned his colleagues against passing the measure even as he reminded them to protect the sanctity of marriage as provided for under the country’s Family Code. “I will oppose it,” Belmonte said in a text message.

He expressed belief that the Philippines has a strong Catholic tradition and is not ready for same-sex marriage.

Albano said he will “never” support Gutierrez’s measure. “I don’t want our kids to think that it’s OK,” he said.

Marikina City Rep. Miro Quimbo also registered his opposition against the proposal, saying that “the holy matrimony is an exclusive relationship of a man and a woman.”

“Let us work for the preservation of the holiness and sacredness of marriage,” he said. (Charissa M. Luci)