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‘Duterte can’t do it all alone’

He has set out an agenda to fight crime, corruption and poverty but President Rodrigo Duterte can’t do it all alone.
Government employees are expected to give their “solid support” to the President to ensure the success of his plans on peace and order, good governance, among others, according to Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea.

“The thrust of President Duterte’s administration is peace and order; fight against corruption; good governance; fight against illegal drugs; and the upliftment of those who have less in life and in law. To help him achieve this, he needs the support of everyone, especially you in the Office of the President,” Medialdea said during the flag-raising ceremony in the Palace last Monday.

“I, therefore, request all of you to extend that solid support, regardless of your personal opinions and preferences.

He is a good person,” he added.

Medialdea also assured that the “forward-looking administration” is ready to support government employees “who have performed with competency, efficiency, dedication and integrity, whether permanent or co-terminus.”

The President was unable to attend the first flag-raising ceremony at the Kalayaan Hall grounds last Monday. He was instead represented by his long-time friend, Medialdea.

In his speech, Medialdea vouched that Duterte is a “very good” public servant ready to make sacrifices for the welfare of others.

He recalled the story how he met Duterte several years ago while working at the City Fiscal’s Office in Davao City and learned about his dedication to public service.

“As my investigating fiscal was taking too long to hear the case ahead of us, I sat on a vacant chair of another prosecutor. A few minutes later, a lady secretary calls my attention that the occupant of the seat has arrived and so I have to vacate his chair. As I was about to stand up, he signals me to keep my seat. It struck me,” he said.

“After the hearing, I approached him to thank him, I began asking him about his relationship with the late Governor Duterte of the undivided province of Davao whom I knew was a colleague of my father who also served as an assistant prosecutor in the undivided province of Davao. This is when our friendship began,” he said.

Medialdea said the story was not about friendship “but of a public servant willing to give courtesy or comfort to the public he serves.” (GENALYN KABILING)