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Tricycle driver shot dead in Tondo

A tricycle driver was killed in what could be another drug-related case in Tondo, Manila yesterday, police said.

Since Sunday, close to 10 persons have been felled in Manila due to alleged involvement in illegal drugs. Most of them died during buy bust operations.

Carlos Madrid, 28, a tricycle driver and also the president of the local Tricycle Operators and Driver’s Association (TODA), was shot dead by still unidentified assailants, whom police suspect to be his enemies.

The victim was shot dead at 2 a.m. in Pier 4 corner Zaragosa Street.

Three sachets containing suspected shabu were found in his possession, bolstering suspicions that he was killed due to his alleged illegal-drug activities, investigators said.

Melanie Batac, Madrid’s live-in partner for six years, told police that she was shocked to discover her lover’s body sprawled, bearing bullet wounds, near his tricycle.

According to Batac, Madrid has a lot of enemies and she has been appealing to him to stop his involvement with illegal drugs.

Investigators said the victim died instantly after being shot twice.

A street vendor, who witnessed the killing, told police that Madrid was shot by a man in a brown shirt and cap before the gunman and his cohort fled on foot.

According to the unnamed witness, she heard the gunshot and saw Madrid. Madrid fall to the ground. After that, the gunman went back to finish off Madrid. (BETHEENA KAE UNITE)