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Nothing but the best for AlDub

Alden and Maine

THE BEST – It could have been “one of those,” but director Mike Tuviera would not settle for “anything less.”

In reference is the Alden Richards-Maine Mendoza starrer “Imagine You & Me,” which has a July 13 playdate. “One of those” meant a movie with a so-so story and production values. Anyway, AlDub’s film will make money at the box office. So why go all the way to Italy (Como and Verona)? And cast Jasmine Curtis-Smith?

Because, says, direk Mike, the millions of followers of AlDub deserve no less than the best. Show respect to them.

Also in the cast are Cai Cortez, Kakai “Dental Diva” Bautista, and Ms. Irma Adlawan.

“Imagine You & Me” is produced by APT Entertainment, GMA Films, and M-Zet Television.

CHALLENGES – Shooting abroad is no walk in the park as cast and crew had to contend with locations in unfamiliar territory, unpredictable weather, and small production unit. But then the stars proved to be most cooperative.

Must be said, though, that the Filipino workers have their Italian equivalent, which made things easier.

Filipino fans of AlDub followed faithfully the shooting locations of AlDub, which amazed the Italian workers. They said they’ve worked with big Hollywood stars who shot in Italy, but only AlDub had such ardent followers, watching their shoot and supplying them with gifts and food.

Very nice and cooperative fans, not bothering the stars when the shoot was in progress.

WHAT IF – At the presscon of “Imagine You & Me,” Maine was asked if one day she wakes and all the fame and fortune are gone. She said she’d accept the fate with grace. “After all, I’ve achieved so much in such a short time.” Never in her wildest dreams did she think she’d be where she is today.

In the words of Jasmine, “The biggest love team in the country. I’m honored to be with them in this movie.”

Maine wrote and sang the movie’s theme, solo and in a duet with Alden.

Now, is the Alden-Maine romance for real or not? The friendship, the closeness is genuine. Where it’ll lead to remains to be seen, in the meantime they’re making the most of it.