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Just do it!

Baron Geisler

JUST DO IT! – Here we go again, Baron Geisler promising the whole world he’ll change for the better. No more alcohol and public alarm and scandal. Enough of words, Baron, just do it!

Also, please, no more cheap gimmicks like that make-belive fight with Kiko Matos. Talent gone to waste.

LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS – Well, dangerous. That’s one of the comments heard in reaction to John Lloyd Cruz’s Urian victory speech.

So, he doesn’t believe in awards. Then why did he attend the Urian awards night… and before that, the other awards night?

‘MADAME CURIE’ – An actor who owns a chain of restaurants is one, “Madame Curie” (tightwad, “kuripot”). Even close friends have yet to be treated to a blowout in one of his fine-dining eateries.

He is “deadma” to jokes like “pa-kape or pa-canton ka naman.” Well, no wonder he is “Rica Peralejo” (rich, moneyed).

Business is business.

Another “Madame Curie” is a beauty pageant organizer who, in the words of an insider, “Ayaw maglabas ng pera. Kaya walang nagtatagal na empleyado.”

NEVER SAY NO – A popular actress has had more boyfriends than she could count. Seems she never says no to those who court her, “Basta nagtapat ng pag-ibig, oo agad.”

After all, she reasons, it’s easy to dump BF when another “manliligaw” comes along.