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Duterte unmasks high-level drug ring

A high-level Chinese triad involved in the multi-billion-peso illegal drug operations in the country has been unmasked by President Rodrigo Duterte as part of his tough campaign against crime.

The President has bared the names of the country’s top two Chinese drug lords, the Filipino police general coddling them, and another local drug dealer who have made a killing on the illegal drug trade.

Duterte presented the organizational chart of the “level five” drug ring, including their local cohorts, during an interview over state-owned PTV-4 on Thursday.

First on the drug hierarchy is Wu Tuan alias Peter Co, a Chinese national who leads the triad operations in Luzon and National Capital Region. Co is currently detained at the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP).

Another Chinese drug lord identified by the government is Peter Lim also known as Jaguar, who supervises the triad in the Visayas. Lim is currently at large.

Retired police general Marcelo Garbo was identified by the President as the protector of the drug lords. Garbo was one of the five police generals earlier publicly accused by the President for involvement in drug operations.

The fourth member of the drug ring is Herbert Colangco alias Ampang, also an inmate at the national penitentiary.

Apart from drug operations, Colangco is also allegedly involved in kidnap-for-ransom and bank robbery.

“President Duterte faced the media and told them about the triad and operations of triad in the Philippines. Triad comes from mainland China,” Solicitor General Jose Calida said in a Palace press conference late Thursday afternoon.

“There are five levels depending on capability of drug pushers to sell. These are categorized in grams or kilograms so the level five is top tier of drug hierarchy,” Calida said.

The President has issued shoot-to-kill order against Lim in case he is spotted back in the country.

“According to information, Peter Lim is outside the country and the President has warned him that if he steps in NAIA, he will be killed,” Calida aid.

Calida also described Garbo as the “coddler” of the drug lords. “In this level five chart, he is the protector,” he added. (GENALYN D. KABILING)