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Cebu businessman denies drug lord tag

CEBU CITY – a Cebuano businessman vehemently denied the recent accusation of president Duterte tagging him as one of the country’s top drug lords.

Businessman Peter Lim, through his lawyer Dioscoro Fuentes, told reporters he does not own the controversial Jaguar KTV Bar in Banilad town. The term ‘Jaguar’ is reportedly used by the Lim identified by Duterte as a moniker in his drug dealings.

Lim was named as one of the three big-time drug lords allegedly protected by retired police general Marcelo Garbo.

Lim was listed as the head of the Visayas drug triad together with Wu Tuan, alias Peter Co; and Herbert Colangco, alias Ampang.

Fuentes said his client, who is currently in Cebu, co-owns Hilton Heavy Equipment Corporation.

“The Peter Lim that President Duterte mentioned is not the Peter Lim that owns Hilton Heavy Equipment,” Fuentes said.

The lawyer also said that Lim and his family have been deeply hurt by the accusations.

Lim was set to hold a conference with his lawyers to discuss the issue and determine the next move he will take.

Fuentes later on said he is ready to face the president and clear the name of his client.

Peter Lim who, along with his brother Wellington, faced a congressional inquiry on the illegal drug trade back in July 2006.

But former Congressman Antonio Cuenco, who was chairman of the House of Representatives committee on dangerous drugs who called for a House inquiry in 2001, said the Lim brothers were eventually cleared of the accusations.
(Mars W. Mosqueda, Jr.)