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NBI: llegal drugs sold online

Illegal drugs are being sold online with the use of social networking sites or online forums, the National Bureau of Investigation revealed.

“We are aware that social networking sites are being used also for the distribution of illegal drugs so we also ask our agents to conduct undercover monitoring,” Ronald Aguto, head of NBI Cybercrimes Division, said.

Aguto stressed that illegal-drug traders not necessarily use Facebook or Twitter but mostly the online forums where people talk about drug deals.

“Not necessarily Facebook or Twiter but there are online forums wherein doon sila nag-uusap tungkol sa sale at kung paano yung payment,” Aguto said.

Aguto said that monitoring online selling of illegal drugs was one of the instruction given by the new management of the bureau. They are bound to investigate not only illegal drug trade but also selling of counterfeit drugs.

Persons who are involved in iIlegal drug trade online will be facing penalty that is “one degree higher.”

“Under the cyber crime prevention law, any special crime created with the use of ICT or with the aid of ICT, the penalty is one degree higher,” Aguto said. (Betheena Kae Unite)