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A true leader inspires us to be pro-active

One important description of a leader is a person who “inspires a group to move in the same direction.”

Indeed, when an authority figure clarifies the direction in which he/she wants to steer a group, a company, or a nation and makes people understand its importance, they respond.

“Follow the leader,” as the saying goes. Aren’t even children terrified of doing what a strict school principal, for example, dislikes?

In big and small companies, employees know exactly what would catch the ire of their superiors, and so they avoid doing it. On the other hand, how comfortable are certain individuals in engaging in their notorious activities simply because they are tolerated?

A real leader does what needs to be done even at the risk of becoming unpopular. He/she is a role model and law enforcer in a way, not a people-pleaser…certainly not a kibitzer or an apathetic spectator.

This leader is pro-active. He/she uses foresight, his/her heart, and common sense, as well as all available resources in moving towards the desired direction. Long before the ball game starts, this leader and his/her well-chosen team have already trained and prepared to win the game, and even to mitigate the effects of emergencies and unforeseen events.

This leader also acknowledges that power and its perks are not forever. The terms and conditions are clear. “Don’t do them…we will part sooner than later,” as President Duterte emphasized in his inaugural address. Service above self.

Nobody is indispensable!

Both Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo enjoin us to become actively involved in this march for peace, security, and progress. Duterte said, “…I now ask everyone, and I mean everyone, to join me as we embark on this crusade for a better and brighter tomorrow.”

No task is impossible if we will allow our dreams to fuel us into action…if we will set aside our differences and work together for the common good. Imagine how much our new leaders can achieve if everyone will cease to become a spectator…if everyone will ask what he/she can do in simple, concrete, and consistent ways for our country.

Be pro-active! Nobody accomplishes anything great by being passive or reactive.

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