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Erap wants Manila ‘kotong’ cops out


After ordering an all out campaign against drug traffickers andanarchy in the streets of Manila, Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada, this time, wants “kotong” cops out of the city’s police force.

“Kotong” cops or policemen who are involved in extortion and protection racket are next in line in a bid to free the slate of any criminal activities, Estrada said who ordered Senior Supt. Joel Coronel, Manila Police District (MPD) chief, to kick out policemen involved in such activities.

Estrada called these kinds of policemen as “rotten eggs” that could infect others and the police force itself.

Estrada also said he can no longer stomach bad cops that continue to taint the MPD’s image and erode his continuing peace and order programs in Manila.

“Bago pa man makahawa ang mga bugok na itlog na ito, tanggalin mo na,”

“Stop all forms of kotong and dismiss anyone if warranted,” Estrada added.

The city’s executive chief disclosed that he has been receiving reports that there are still MPD lawmen involved in mulcting activities and protection racket, victimizing even legitimate business establishments.

Estrada stressed that illegal vendors and operators of illegal transport terminals are proliferating because they are under the protection of these “unscrupulous policemen.”

“We will do an internal cleansing, as directed by the mayor. He ordered us to investigate, identify, charge in court and dismiss any members of the MPD who are into these illegal activities,” Coronel said.

Estrada said MPD personnel have no reason to engage in extortion activities because they are well provided for by the city government.

He said the policemen regularly get their monthly allowances; the city government has so far released P136 million for this purpose.

  • Don

    Send them too in Basilan to deal with the ASG!..

  • furion

    Wow… Erap… seriously… Thats the source of your daily money pocket you received…

    Why now?… You have been corrupt mayor to corrupt president then back to corrupt mayor again

    Corrupt mayor of 2 cities…