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Math in everyday life


Do we need to study math? Why is it important in our lives?

The subject came to fore recently when President Rody was quoted as having said math was among a few subjects he wanted deleted in the school curriculum. Well, not all of math subjects, but some, which some people claim are irrelevant to their field of study or line or work.

It is a common question by students when they study math. Many of us find math a difficultsubject to tackle.

During our elementary days, we learned basic equations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, even fractions and decimals.

Through these, we understand the value of equation in our life. As we go up the educational ladder, we are forced to study higher math, like trigonometry, statistics, calculus, etc.

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Thus, the question is raised: Do we need ‘square root’ in our everyday life?

Regardless of people’s reactions on this matter, there are many benefitswhy we should study math.

A site called mathworksheet.com cites many advantages in studying math.

Telling the time is one of them.

Driving from onepoint to another requires some basic skill in math. How else will you know the distance, how long it will take you to get there if you didn’t know your math?

Without math, you won’t be able to do science, nursing, engineering, become a doctor or even get a business degree.

Our very livelihood is dependent on our ability to calculate, subtract or multiply.

Math is just as important in sports. Sports requires a basic skill of determining distance and calculating.

The world of gigs, hard drives, codes and datais dependent on fast, easy and quick information. Every business has a computer and someone who knows how to work on it. Even a secretary needs some basic math skills.

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