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‘Prince’ Albert turns into pauper, bows to Juarez via 8th round KO; Donaire dared


PRINCE Albert Pagara Prince Albert Pagara found Mexican Cesar Juarez a tough nut to crack yesterday as the promising Filipino absorbed a stinging eighth-round stoppage in their scheduled 12-round match at the San Mateo Events Center in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Juarez, who gave the more established Nonito Donaire Jr. a taste of hell late last year before losing a split decision, smothered Pagara with a barrage of power blows early in the eighth, sending the Cebu-based fighter down.

Pagara had Juarez down in the first round after landing a counter left hook but could not find the right combo to stop him from coming forward.

As the fight wore on, Juarez began to pin Pagara on the ropes, often throwing and connecting with debilitating blows.

Although Pagara appeared to have weathered the onslaught, there was a telling incident at the end of the seventh round that convinced Juarez that his foe was ripe for the kill.

After taking a flurry of punches late in the seventh, Pagara walked back to his corner weak and wobbly and Juarez didn’t waste time and came out smoking at the start of the eighth canto.

Fifteen seconds later it was all over for Pagara, who was so battered and exhausted that he had to be taken out of the ring on a stretcher for precautionary measures.

Pagara was brought to a local hospital for examination and a brain scan was scheduled to be done although the fallen fighter was conscious and aware of what’s happening.

The Pagara-Juarez showdown was the headliner of the card dubbed Pinoy Pride 37: Fists of the Future by ALA Boxing and ABS-CBN.

The loss was the first for Pagara, who dropped his record to 26-1 with 18 KOS, while the victory raised Juarez’s slate to 18-5 with 14 KOs.

Immediately after the fight, Juarez dared Donaire, who did the color commentary for ABS-CBN, to a rematch.

Donaire readily agreed but it would all depend on the promoters if a second meeting will take place.

  • Teddy Reynoso

    Albert showed not only inexperience but immaturity fighting at that level versus a proven opponent Juarez. People including Nonito Donaire who had gone through a grinder with the Mexican late last year had cautioned him and his camp time and again before the fight about the quality and fighting capabilities of Juarez. But it appeared the words of caution had fallen on deaf ears. Albert even felt insulted by Juarez claim that he was not on his level—which was emphatically proven correct, at least as far as seasoning, maturity and taking as well as dishing out power are concerned.

    Alas, another highly touted erstwhile undefeated Pinoy fighter had to lose brutally for them to learn a bitter lesson, for their handlers to realize their rawness and for those who have held on to their verdict as to the true worth of fighters to be proven right once again.

    As I feared, Albert allowed air of arrogance and defiance and false sense of confidence to get the better of him and in the end, that caused him to lose wind and full consciousness.

    At the close of the seventh round Albert was almost out of his feet and half-dragging himself back to his corner. How come his corner still allowed him to come out for the eighth round in that condition deserves some looking into by ALA and GAB.

  • Teddy Reynoso

    Iyan ang resulta ng kakaiwas natin na paglabanin ang magagaling nating boxers to gain seasoning and experience as well as to prove who are the best local bets before we send them abroad. We used to do that in the 60s through the 80s even the 90s. Luwi Espinosa, the Penalosas and even Manny Pacquiao have had to prove themselves against fellow Pinoys before they became certified top level world beaters and champions. Mexican, Japanese even Thai boxers fight each other all the time and at top levels.

    We should eschew this bullshit practice of steering good Pinoy fighters away from each other in ring confrontation.

  • Arthur Angeles

    ALA means “Always Lacking Air” lahat ang boxer nang ALA ay laging kinakapos. Try to import a Cuban conditioning coach,para makatipid.