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Jaclyn prepares for a tryst

Jacklyn Jose

DIGNA (Jaclyn Jose) is ecstatic when Rolly (Gardo Versoza) informs her that according to his planner, they are scheduled to have an intimate physical encounter in three days. She spends the next three days preparing for the “big night”, dragging Primo (Roi Vinzon) to a nail salon, a spa, and finally to a waxing salon for some “personal landscaping”.

Meanwhile, Miley (Solenn Heussaff) tries to deal with a very competitive adversary not only in the field of selling but most especially in her modelling career. They are pitted against each other during a car wash modelling event.

Will the preparation help Digna for the planned tryst or will it ruin the whole thing? Will Miley’s modelling career be at stake?

“A1 Ko Sa’yo” airs tonight after “Juan Happy Love Story” on GMA.