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Duterte condemns attack

President Duterte has condemned the Bastille Day terror attack in Nice, France Thursday in which 84 persons, including children, were killed.

In a video message released yesterday, Duterte joined other nations of the world in mourning with the French and expressing solidarity in the fight against terrorism.

“I would like to take this opportunity to make a public statement to say that we share the grief of France in the rampage of multiple murders of their citizens,” said Duterte in the video released by the Presidential Broadcast Staff-Radio Television Malacañang.

“We condemn the brutal and violent way that the people were run over by a truck, a terrorist act,” he added.

“We join the rest of the world in mourning and expressed our solidarity with France against terrorism, against what is fundamentally evil,” he said.

The President said: “Rest assure we join you in your fight against terrorism.” (ELENA L. ABEN)