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‘Sex addicts’

Mutya ng Pilipinas

ADDICTION – Here’s one addiction PNP Gen. Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa and his men in uniform won’t demolish.

Not addiction to drugs, but addiction to sex.

Two young actors confess to friends they are “sex addicts.”

Perhaps, the more accurate term is “oversexed.” After all, they can still control the “urge” when really called for. But, please, don’t make the waiting too long.

CLUES – Let the clues remain vague.

Well, both are not over 30 years old. Very handsome and popular. Well-liked, too. And fine actors.

Actor No.1 lost several sweethearts because he was caught with his pants down, in manner of speaking. Not being adept at hiding his “indiscretions,” he readily pleads guilty as charged. “Sorry, pero talagang mahilig ako.”

Actor No.2 is more careful, “Marunong akong magtago.”

On the set, especially if outside Metro Manila, he’s often uneasy if “diyeta” – the actor’s word – is for long. But then, on his own “initiative,” or with the help of close friends, “nagkakarun.”

There are many women only too eager to “please” him.

By the way, the two “sex addicts” belong to different studios, Kapamilya and Kapuso.
Enough said.

MUTYA AT 48 – The 48th edition of Mutya ng Pilipinas kicked off with the presentation of 30 candidates held at the newly opened Hotel 101, their official residence at Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.

Ganiel Akrisha Krishnan of Manila was named Darling of the Press.

Titles at stake are Mutya ng Pilipinas-Asia Pacific, Tourism Int’l, and Overseas Communities. Grand coronation night is on July 30 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila, to be aired the following day on ABS-CBN at 10 a.m.

Thanks Mel (Caparas) for the info.