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Cruz gets booed

Ted Cruz

CLEVELAND, United States (Xinhua) – Ted Cruz, Donald Trump’s former rival, was booed off the Republican top stage Wednesday night after failing to endorse the party’s presidential nominee.

“Stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution,” Cruz said at the party’s convention, instead of urging Republicans to rally behind the New York real estate mogul.

The language, which echoed statements from the Never Trump movement, triggered boos and chants of “Trump” and “We want Trump” from the audience.

“I congratulate Donald Trump on winning the nomination last night,” said the Texas senator, the only time Trump’s name was mentioned in his speech.

“We’re fighting, not for one particular candidate or one campaign, but because each of us wants to be able to tell our kids and grand kids … that we did our best for their future and for their country,” he said.

Shortly after Cruz exited the stage, Trump entered the arena on the opposite side to sit with his family and watch his son Eric address the crowd.

Cruz came second to Trump during the Republican primaries. During the race, Trump labeled Cruz “Lyin” Ted and questioned whether Cruz was eligible to run for the presidency because he was born in Canada.