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Dela Rosa berates lousy cops

Policemen were advised to regularly visit a barber shop as Director General Ronald M. dela Rosa, chief of the Philippine National Police, ordered police commanders to beat up their men who have long hair and wear lousy uniforms.

“In our line of work, we are constantly in the public eye. It is thus imperative that we need to project our image of integrity, discipline, professionalism, and proper wearing of uniform,” said Dela Rosa in yesterday’s ceremonial simultaneous mass oath-taking and pining of ranks of nearly 30,000 officers and personnel of the PNP nationwide.

Dela Rosa made the emphasis on proper wearing of uniform and proper appearance of policemen after seeing some of them during the ceremony with a haircut not fit for a policeman.

“There are some who have long hair. The Chief Directorial Staff (Chief Supt. Ramon Apolinario) wants to grab them,” said Dela Rosa as he and other top officers were apparently annoyed of what they have seen.

Dela Rosa reminded police commanders, especially the officers who were promoted, to exercise their leadership in disciplining their men.

“Don’t be lenient and negligent. If you see something wrong on your men, spot correction. If you see something wrong on them, beat them up,” said Dela Rosa. “Otherwise, I myself would kick you,” he added.

The PNP chief emphasized the need for the newly promoted policemen to work harder during the ceremony.

Dela Rosa said he expects all those promoted for a payback by serving the Filipino well and do away with any temptation at the course of the performance of their duty.

“As Chief PNP and father of the organization, I expect only the best from you. Suklian niyo ng magandang serbisyo ang pagtitiwala sa inyo,” said Dela Rosa.

“Let me assure you that I also have your best interest in my heart and my mind. You will be rewarded and supported well by the PNP leadership,” he added.

It was recalled that the Duterte administration has promised to double the salary of the policemen in the soonest possible time as a way of boosting their morale for being at the frontline in the war against illegal drugs.

But some cops became disappointed when Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno revealed that salary increase for policemen is not included in the 2017 national budget.

President Duterte, however, recently assured the policemen that the promised salary increase will come.
(Aaron Recuenco)