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Julie Anne transforms into sexy entertainer

JUST A THOUGHT: “There is a time to let things happen, and a time to make things happen.”

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GOING SEXY SLOWLY BUT SURELY: One look at the back cover of pop sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose’s new album (GMA Records) can make you think twice about the image she now wants to project.

The shot reveals a great part of her bare back, matched only by a sultry, suplada look that seems to invite seduction. Is the former tween star reinventing herself as a mature performer through her new album “Chasing the Light”?

At 22 and a fresh college graduate (Communication, Angelicum), Julie Anne says she’s ready to explore new fields, try out new roles as an entertainer. She clears, though, that she’s not out to do the sexy route consciously or deliberately.

* * *

TRANSFORMING JULIE ANNE: How does she do it, I asked her. I was referring to the creative process by which she transforms herself from an innocent, unattached, inexperienced young girl into a seemingly sensuous woman of the world?

The singer-actress has maintained she hasn’t had a serious relationship, although she’s currently being linked to fellow GMA actor, Benjamin Alves. Alves, in fact, plays her leading man in the music video of“Naririnig Mo Ba,” a song that she composed herself.

“Naririnig” recently topped iTunes charts following its digital release last June.

Julie Anne, the composer, says the song talks about faith in love while hoping to love again. She doesn’t say if she’s pointing to Benjamin, yet the twinkle in her eyes betrays her.

* * *

SOUND EVOLUTION: The album, “Chasing the Light,” she says, projects a more mature sound compared to her previous album, “Forever.”

“Nag-evolve ‘yung genre, no longer just ballads, but more of pop-rock na R&B.’’ With the change in sound enters a new phase in Julie Anne’s career.

The new album consists of nine cuts. They are mostly original songs and a revival. In one of the cuts, she collaborated with Fil-Am rapper C-Tru, who has high regard for her talent.

In another cut, Julie Anne collaborated with another US-based composer, Edmund Perlas, who previously contributed songs in her previous albums.

“Chasing the Light” is now available in selected Astroplus and Astro Vision outlets nationwide, with its digital format available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play. (NESTOR CUARTERO)