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Pinoys believe Duterte can fulfill promises

Six in 10 Filipinos expressed optimism that President Duterte can fulfill most of his promises during his six years in office, according to the latest Social Weather Stations survey.

The nationwide survey, conducted last June 24-27 among 1,200 adults, found out that 63 percent of Filipinos believe that Duterte will be able to deliver on his promises, with 22 percent saying “all or nearly all of his promises” can be fulfilled and 41 percent saying “most of the promises” can be fulfilled.

Thirty-two percent of Filipinos said Duterte can deliver on “a few of the promises” while only one percent believe that the President cannot fulfill almost all or all of his promises.

Three percent of the respondents either refused to disclose their answer or remain undecided on the matter.

The respondents were particularly asked, “In your opinion, how many of the promises of President Rodrigo Duterte can be fulfilled? All or nearly all of the promises, most of the promises, a few of the promises, or almost none or none of the promises.”

Optimism is expressed in Mindanao at 75 percent or 26 percent who said “all or almost all” promises will be fulfilled and 49 percent who said “most” promises will be fulfilled.

It is followed by 66 percent in Metro Manila (24 percent “all or almost all” and 42 percent “most”), 60 percent in the rest of Luzon (22 percent “all or almost all,” 38 percent “most”), and 54 percent in the Visayas (18 percent “all or almost all,” 36 percent “most”). (Ellalyn B. de Vera)