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Strategies in winning the war

The war against the manufacture, trade and use of illegal drugs in the Philippines is not a war of the Duterte Administration. It is a war that the current Administration leads but should be every Filipino’s war.

The political will and passion of President Rodrigo Duterte make us believe that the current war against illegal drugs is the only serious war in our country. The “wars” in previous administrations now appear to be anything but serious as the country’s problem on illegal drugs turned from bad to worse. The alleged involvement of law enforcers, including police generals, in illegal drugs as users, pushers and protectors and the failure of the previous administrations to stop the same are concrete illustrations of a “moro-moro” war against illegal drugs in the past.

All sectors, from the smallest unit of society – the family, private business and non-profit organizations, industry groups, to all agencies of the government, should rally behind the Duterte Administration in fighting this war.

The recently reported act of 28 journalists covering the police and defense beats in Cebu to voluntarily submit themselves to a surprise drug test is an illustration of concrete support that we need to give to the Duterte Administration.

Every Filipino family should take the responsibility of ensuring that none of its members are into the illegal drug manufacture, trade and use. The government should consider providing inexpensive, if not free, drug testing. The drug test should also be made available to Filipino families through schemes that will ensure the confidentiality of the same.

If such scheme/system is available, it will be easier for Filipino parents to “require” all the members of the family to undergo testing for illegal drugs and accordingly make the necessary actions.

In the same token, similar interventions can be done in schools, business and socio-civic organizations, and government offices.

Like in any other war, the strategies of “cornering” or “boxing-in” the opponents and launching surprise attacks can be adopted to secure the desired victory. These strategies will have the optimum power and effect when the opponents are overwhelmed by attacks coming from all possible directions.

Total victory against illegal drugs can only be realized not only with a strong-willed and passionate leader like President Duterte but also with a supportive and committed citizenry. (Dr. Ramon Ricardo A. Roque, CESOI, Diplomate)