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Woman killed by tiger at China zoo

Tiger Mauls

A woman who tried to help a friend who had been dragged away by a tiger has been mauled to death in a China safari park.

The tigers attacked the women after they left their vehicle following an argument.

The attack took place at Beijing Badaling Wildlife World on Saturday, when one of the women left the car following the altercation. As she spoke to someone in the car through the driver’s door, a tiger attacked her and dragged her off, prompting the second woman to leave the vehicle in an attempt to help, the website Chinanews.com wrote on its microblog account. However the second woman was attacked by another tiger which mauled her to death, before carrying off her body.

The two women were accompanied by a man – who aided the rescue attempt – and a small child, who were uninjured. The park was ordered to close for “rectification.” The park allows visitors to drive their own cars safari style through an open space where the animals roam free, but visitors are warned to keep their windows closed and doors locked, and not to alight from their vehicles.

A report on online news portal Sohu said that park personnel quickly rushed to the women’s aide, but were too late to save one of them. (AFP)