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Road accidents alarm MMDA

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has raised an alarm over the increasing trend in road accidents happening in the metropolis, citing that the emotional toll for Filipinos to lose a loved one or a friend in a vehicle crash could reach up to P2.5 million.

During a lecture road safety awareness held in Makati City, MMDA official Myra Nazarrea reported that the road crashes that claim lives and result to disabilities put significant strain of the families: for every person killed, injured or disabled, others are also affected.

According to Nazarrea, 73 percent of the costs are due to lost income due to fatalities and permanent disabilities, part of it could have been disposable income that could have helped the economy.

“Majority of the cost is the loss of income for the family, especially if the victim is a breadwinner, high cost of medical expense, psychological effects on the family, when other members could not work to care for people with disabilities, the legal cost,” said Nazarrea.

“It is noteworthy to note that medical costs constitute 8% of the total costs, while pain, grief, and suffering are estimated at 14%,” she added.

Data from the Metro Manila Accident Recording and Analysis System shows that road crash incidents are increasing every year. In the Philippines, 34 people die each day due to road crashes.