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President bored staying in Palace

After complaining of being overworked and underpaid, President Duterte is now concerned that he might “die of boredom” if he always stayed in Malacañang.

Addressing government troops in a military camp in Quezon last Thursday, the President confessed he was unhappy and bored at the Palace, saying this was the reason for his weekend trips to Davao City as well as other visits to military camps in recent days.

“Malungkot ako masyado dahil wala naman kwenta ‘yang…Trabaho ako hanggang gabi alas-tres. Sakay ako ng barge. Tapos magtrabaho, tulog, tapos gisingin ako kasi maglipad ako…Okay ako dito kung magpasyal-pasyal lang,” Duterte said in his impromptu remarks.

“Pero kung sa Malacañang lang ako, na maglibing kayo ng presidente sunod na taon. Mamatay ako diyan sa boredom,” said the President.

The President’s movement around Metro Manila is also limited.

Duterte explained that he could not attend public engagements in Metro Manila because he does not want to create traffic. He admitted that his presidential convoy causes traffic buildup and inconvenience to motorists and commuters.

The President told the troops in Quezon that he could not stay long since he has to catch the next flight to Davao last Thursday.

“I want to go home. There’s a pressing problem. But I’ll be back on Sunday. Then I’d be spending the rest of the 10 days in Davao,” he said.

“But you are all invited. Per chance you’ll be there, kasama mo pamilya mo. Tawagan mo lang si Bong. Ako na ang bahala. Wala kayong problema,” he told the troops.

In an earlier speech last Thursday, the President voiced a few complaints about his job, from being lonely to enduring long working hours with meager salary.

Duterte, speaking to local government executives in the Palace, also said he was not still used to being addressed as the President or when people stand whenever he arrives at a place. He said he still prefers to be called “Mayor” despite being the country’s leader.

But even with the difficulties that come with the job, the President stressed that his love for country motivates him to work every day to advance the welfare of Filipinos.

Since he assumed office last June 30, the President has chosen Bahay Pangarap, now called Bahay Pagbabago, as his official residence in Manila.

But Duterte has also been flying back to his hometown Davao City every weekend to be with his family. In his Davao stay, he often held late night meetings with government officials at his favorite bar in the city.
(Genalyn D. Kabiling)