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‘Star’ of the Marcos family

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THANKS – Bongbong Marcos joked he and wife Liza (Araneta) were there as “alalay” of their 22-year-old son Sandro, now getting much attention, especially in social media. The occasion was a thank-you lunch Bongbong hosted for friends in the entertainment media.

“The only candidate to do so,” Bro. Nes (Cuartero) noted.

True. While he “lost” the vice presidency, Bongbong nevertheless remained grateful for the kindness entertainment writers showed him and his family in the last elections.

To which Manay Ichu (Maceda) said she’s known Bongbong since he was kid and that gratitude is his attribute. “Hindi siya nakakalimot.”

Manay Ichu organized the lunch.

‘STAR’ – Sandro is called the “star” of the Marcos family, urged to join showbiz. Manay Lolit (Solis) said that GMA shows wanted Sandro, but to date he has declined. Showbiz isn’t really his cup of tea as he’s busy with his studies in London. He graduated with honors and is pursuing a master’s degree in economics.

Sandro is likely to join politics in time, just like his dad who served as congressman, governor, and senator.

In social media, he is at once praised and bashed, but when one is a Marcos that’s expected. He’s learned to grin and bear it, but always thankful of the kind words.

If you ask this columnist: Sandro will make an excellent radio-TV host, articulate and amiable.

ELECTION PROTEST – Bongbong has filed an election protest with the Presidential Election Tribunal, with the brilliant Victor Rodriguez as lawyer. Atty. Rodriguez believes that Bongbong has a very strong case and confident the case will be finished in at most two years.

But of course that is for the Tribunal to resolve one way or the other. What matters is Bongbong isn’t dwelling on that and is eager to help constituents, especially in the field of education.

President Duterte has said he was giving Bongbong a Cabinet position after the mandatory one-year ban.

MARCOS BURIAL – Bongbong said that the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos would be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani sometime in September, as promised by President Duterte, who was a close friend of the Marcos family.

But before that, there will be funeral rites in Ilocos Norte to be led by former First Lady Imelda Marcos.

Bongbong hopes FM’s burial will end the bitter divisiveness in the country.

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    Charice-Pempengco-look-alike Sandro? Ewww!!!

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      whose the man? both women i think. ugly.