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Leyte mayor surrenders to PNP chief, son still at large

He waited for 21 hours for his surrender, only to be told right in his face by no less than the chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) that he and his son will die if they continue with their illegal drugs thing.

And after a short talk, Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. vowed to cooperate in the government’s anti-illegal drugs campaign and even went to the extent of pinning down his son by squealing his drug supply sources.

“He said that his son Kerwin is getting the illegal drugs supply from Peter Co, a convicted drug lord who is currently detained at the Bilibid,” said Dela Rosa in a press briefing at Camp Crame in Quezon City.

Dela Rosa himself confirmed that Kerwin Espinosa is listed number one in the watchlist of illegal drugs personalities in Eastern Visayas, accusing him of directly under Peter Co.

Kerwin’s father, the mayor, is in the list of President Duterte who is protecting illegal drugs, particularly his son, according to Dela Rosa.

Aside from Peter Co, Dela Rosa said the mayor also confided to him that his son Kerwin has been also getting illegal drugs supply from another convicted drug lord currently detained at the Abuyog Penal Colony in Leyte.

“I know that there is one convicted Chinese drug lord in Abuyog and another significant revelation of Mayor Espinosa is that his son is also getting supply from Abuyog Penal Colony,” said Dela Rosa.

“So it is not only the Bilibid where we have a problem, it appears that there a lot of correctional facilities who are also into drugs,” he added.

Dela Rosa then revealed that one of the consignees of the floating shabu that was seized recently in Subic is a convicted drug lord currently detained at the Davao Penal Colony.

In an interview, Mayor Espinosa admitted that the reason he surrendered is that he feared for his life after President Duterte’s “shoot-on-sight” order.

“I was really scared of the shoot-on-sight order because I still want to live,” said Espinosa who was with his daughter at Camp Crame in Quezon City.

Dela Rosa revealed that Espinosa was accompanied by his lawyer and a fiscal who facilitated his surrender to him.