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Manny files 3 bills imposing death

Sen. Emmanuel D. Pacquiao yesterday filed three bills seeking the reimposition of the death penalty on heinous crimes, including illegal drug-related activities.

The boxing icon, a born-again Christian, had said that the imposition of the supreme penalty does not go against the Christian Bible.

Pacquiao had a one-hour, one-on-one meeting with President Duterte in Malacanang last Monday where they discussed the need for the re-imposition of the death penalty in light of Duterte’s no-nonsense anti-crime and anti-drug campaigns.

Pacquiao’s Senate Bill No. 185 seeks the imposition of death penalty and increased penalties on certain crimes involving dangerous drugs while Senate Bill No. 186 seeks to impose the death penalty on the heinous crime of kidnapping.

Senate Bill No. 187 seeks to impose the death penalty on the heinous crime of aggravated rape.

Pacquiao said a penalty of life imprisonment to death and a fine of P1 million to P10 million will be imposed to any person who imports or brings into the country, force, intimidate, direct, instruct, or otherwise cause another person to bring into the country any dangerous drug, including any and all species of opium poppy.

The maximum penalty shall also be imposed upon any person who brings illegal drugs through the use of a diplomatic passport, diplomatic facilities, or any other means involving his official status.

For a coddler or protector, the penalty of life imprisonment to death is imposed and a fine of P500,000 to P1 million will be exacted. (Mario B. Casayuran)