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Too fast, too much

SENATOR Ping Lacson notes that there are “too many” shootouts between cops and drug suspects, just as Senator Leila de Lima asks if we’re not in too big a hurry to terminate alleged dealers.

Things are moving fast, very fast. At breakneck speed we’re initiating not just cosmetic changes but ones that will affect our way of life, politics, government. All in a bundle, we – they – are talking of amending the Constitution to move to a federal format, to reimpose the death penalty, and whether to call a Con-Con or Con-Ass or, or a Con-Con as a last-minute appeasement of those who do not like the sound of that word (which had the President muttering sotto voce, “pain in the as-”)

Can we pause, exhale, and remember that “Haste makes waste”? Look at the 1987 Constitution, crafted in haste that had constitutionalists pointing out its weaknesses and calling it “a flawed constitution” in reference to at least 23 flaws. The debate is between legislators with access to media and the common people who just don’t trust politicians, no matter how popularly elected, to recuse themselves from crafting a set of laws that would work against their own interests, e.g., political dynasties, pork barrel by whatever name, and butterfly farming, aka balimbing culture.

After several presidencies, the subject of amending the Constitution has never died down, though it may fade out, fade in once every five years or so, for the simple reason that “we’ve had it,” to put it mildly. We may go through the motions of a circusy election, only to suffer from buyer’s remorse. But changing the Constitution is more than picking the fastest horse to win the race; it’s a precious document which, though not as readily available as a calendar, the people cling to for dear life – the life of the law that ensures their rights, freedoms, even their right to make mistakes and correct them.

On top of all these dizzying must-do’s, some sectors are already giddy with the thrill of us hosting for a third time the Miss Universe pageant. Stop the world, I want to get off for a few seconds to catch my breath. (Jullie Y. Daza)