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Duterte threatens self-serving solons

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President Duterte has warned that he would shut down Congress if lawmakers will fool around with the Filipino people when they start crafting a new Charter once it is convened into a Constituent Assembly.

Duterte reiterated his position favoring Con Ass as the mode to revise the Charter in a speech during a courtesy call of the Pastoral Parish Council for Responsible Voting in Malacañang Wednesday.

Duterte acknowledged that many sectors have issues about Con-Ass. He called on the public not to be too judgmental about the members of Congress, saying that: “You can tell by the track records that they have. They have been elected, reelected, reelected.”

“If ang acceptability nila sa tao ganun, so who are we to judge that they are not competent?” he added.

The President also promised that he will be watching closely to make sure that lawmakers will do their work properly.
“Ang kanilang product will have to be submitted to us for a plebiscite and for all the time that they’ll be crafting a new Constitution, I am here,” Duterte said.

“So do not be afraid of whatever method that they would use because your guarantee is ako,” he said, adding that lawmakers can choose between doing their job properly or face closure of Congress.

The President had earlier stressed that he would ensure that the changes to the Charter would truly be responsive to the people’s will, and that he will not allow a Constitution that is anti-Filipino.

“Sabihan ko talaga sila (lawmakers) huwag iyan kasi pag pinilit ninyo iyan, sasarahan ko itong Congress, huhulihin ko kayo lahat,” he added. The President was apparently referring to lawmakers who would push their personal interest in the amendment of the Constitution. (Elena L. Aben)