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Duterte names ‘narco’ officials

Manila, Philippines – President Duterte yesterday bared a long list of politicians, judges, policemen, and soldiers who are allegedly involved in the illicit drug trade.

In an early morning news conference at the Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao in Panacan, Davao City, the President gave the 160 personalities 24 hours to report to their supervising agencies or he will order the Armed Forces and police to hunt them.

“I’m reading now the personalities in the Philippines. It might be true. It might not be true,” Duterte said as he stressed that it is his duty to inform the people of what is happening in the country.

“It’s very important for the people to know the state of things of conditions in this country. That is my sworn duty,” said Duterte.

The President admitted that some of the names on the list are his friends but that would not stop him from naming them.

“I said sorry. Meron ditong tumawag sa akin. But you know if there is a rule, a law, either you enforce it or none at all. Pero mga kaibigan, kung hindi ko basahin kasi kilala kita, ang pinakamabuti kong magawa para sa bayan mag-resign,” according to the President.

“This is not personal to me. Hindi ko kayo kalaban, wala ako sama ng loob sa iyo, pero galit na ako,” he added, citing the extent of the drug problem in the country.

“I am sorry for my country. I grieve for the agony and suffering of the Republic of the Philippines,” he said.

“Actually ngayon lang ito pinasa sa akin,” the President said of the list that he read, adding that: “I had it revalidated. And again when I saw the mayors na kilala ko, I had it revalidated. Ngayon lang ito pinasa sa akin.”

Duterte said he is also taking full responsibility for the list of suspected drug personalities. “I’m the one reading it and I am the sole person responsible for these all,” he said.

The President immediately relieved the policemen he mentioned from their assignments and ordered them to report within 24 hours to the Philippine National Police.

He also directed the PNP to remove police supervision from the local chief executives in the list and to “cancel any and all private arms” in their name.

“They’re all cancelled. Go out naked to the world and show your kalokohan ninyo,” said Duterte.

He also told the members of the Judiciary who were mentioned to report to the Supreme Court, the local executives to the Department of Interior and Local Government, and those in the military to AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Ricardo Visaya in 24 hours.

“You do not do that, I will order the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the entire PNP to hunt for you,” the President said.

“Kaya dumating tayo dito eh, you know why? Kayo iyong enforcer and you allowed yourself to be used,” he said.

Police and military personnel detailed as security to the named local officials were likewise recalled and told to report immediately report back to their mother units.

“You do not do that, I will order the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the entire PNP to hunt for you,” the President said.

“Kaya dumating tayo dito eh, you know why? Kayo iyong enforcer and you allowed yourself to be used.”

The President then reiterated that he is taking full responsibility for whatever consequences of the government’s fight against drugs and criminality. “Like I said, I will never allow any police or soldier to go to prison just because he was doing his duty,” he said.

As to those who have qualms in following his order, Duterte said: “Say goodbye to your promotion. Maghintay kayo six years. Say goodbye. Hindi ka na ma-promote. Either you’re a cynic, sigurista ka, or you are a coward.”

“Ngayon kung takot ka, sinabi ko na sa inyo sagot ko kayo personally and officially – kung hindi pa ba na sapat sa inyo yan, umalis ka sa pwesto,” he said.

Eleven more names were added to the list at presstime. They were:

  • Judge Dapa of Siargao
  • PO2 Michael Cortez, Barile Police Station
  • SPO1 Jen dela Victoria, PS5 Cebu CPO
  • SPO1 Onel Nabua, Barile Police Station
  • PO2 Jomar Ibanez, Lapu-Lapu Police Station
  • PO3 Ryan Martus Kiamco, Cebu Provincial Office.
  • PCI Ibrahim Jabiran, Zamboanga CPO
  • PCI Perfecto Abrasaldo Awi Jr., Misamis Oriental
  • Police Inspector Roy Sinojales Montes, Iligan PRO
  • Police Superintendent Ricardo Gando Pulot, alias “Daganis,” Chief of Police, Quezon, Bukidnon
  • Police Inspector Martin Plaza, former Panabo chief intel

Complete list here.