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President defends FM burial

President Duterte yesterday reiterated that the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos deserves to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani being a former soldier and head of state.

“I will allow the burial of Marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani,” Duterte said in an early morning press briefing at the headquarters of the Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao in Panacan, Davao City.

He explained that the law dictates who are qualified to be buried at the LNMB.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines had earlier said that LNMB serves as a tribute and resting place not just to for Filipino soldiers and war veterans, but also for citizens who are considered heroes and martyrs, as well as deceased presidents, dignitaries, national artists, scientists, and Boy Scouts.

“I said I will allow the burial because definitely he was a President and a soldier, alin diyan sa dalawa…he is qualified to buried there,” Duterte said.

“Marcos was a President. As a matter of fact I voted for him during (his time). Marcos was a soldier, sinabi lanng ng mga kalaban na hindi totoo,” he added.

And if some Filipinos object to it Marcos’ burial at the LNMB, the President said: “Fine. Wala ako magagawa.”

He said that they can go ahead if they want to demonstrate because they have the right to air their grievance is. (Elena L. Aben)