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Police colonel gets P200K weekly from drug lord, says PNP chief

A police colonel assigned in Central Visayas has been receiving P200,000 weekly payola from the illegal drugs transaction, a suspected drug lord disclosed yesterday.

Director General Ronald dela Rosa, chief of Philippine National Police (PNP), said the involvement of a police colonel in a drug protection racket was confided to him by Franz Sabalunes who was among those who showed up at Camp Crame yesterday.

Sabalunes, according to Dela Rosa, is now the top drug lord of Central Visayas after the death of alias Jaguar who was the main supplier of illegal drugs in the region.

“Up to a colonel, he was giving money. P200,000 weekly,” said Dela Rosa, revealing what he and Sabalunes had talked about.

But Dela Rosa would not reveal the name of the police colonel but some officials said the police official is assigned to Central Visayas where Sabalunes operates.

“He told me the amount he also gives to the chief of police. He also disclosed some names who are involved in illegal drugs,” said Dela Rosa.

But dela Rosa was quick to clarify that almost all of those who were squealed by Sabalunes were already re-assigned after background investigation revealed their involvement in illegal drugs.

Sabalunes, it was learned, is the brother of Fralz Sabalunes, the incumbent vice mayor of San Fernando, Cebu.

The vice mayor was also named by Duterte to be involved in the illegal drugs but he denied the allegation against him.

The PNP Chief said that just like Jaguar and Kerwin Espinosa, Sabalunes also gets his supply of shabu from Peter Co, a convicted drug lord detained at the National Bilibid Prison.

“Every month, he gets one SUV (sports Utility Vehicle) with 10 kilos of shabu inside,” said Dela Rosa.

“The vehicle will then be parked in a popular mall in Cebu and from there, they would start to distribute,” he added.

Ten kilos of shabu has a street value of P50 million.

The PNP is hoping to use as evidence the testimony of Sabalunes against policemen and other people who benefitted from illegal drugs money in Central Visayas.

Officials said the testimony of Sabalunes itself is enough to pin down those who have been receiving protection money from him.

Amid questions on the credibility of the Duterte list, dela Rosa said the names underwent thorough screening before it was made public.

“Before it went to the President, it was validated through a workshop. So that is not hearsay,” said Dela Rosa. He said the validation was made by officials from the PNP, the military and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA). (Aaron Recuenco)