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Travel ban eyed vs tax evaders

The country’s biggest tax evaders face a possible travel ban as part of the intensified revenue campaign of the Duterte government.

The President announced yesterday the government will file cases against the rich businessmen who avoid tax payments and prevent them from leaving the country.

“The commissioner of Internal Revenue will give me a list. If you are a violator, you cannot travel anymore,” the President said in a media interview in Davao City.

“Dyan sa immigration, sa-sabihin ko parahin mo kasi may violation yan. I will order the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) to file cases. Once it is pending in court, your freedom of movement is curtailed,” he added.

“Yung ibang criminal bakit di nakakalabas, kasama na kayo. It’s always a crime if you do not pay taxes proper, correctly.”

Last Monday, the President appealed to the rich businessmen to pay the right taxes or face adverse consequences from the government. A list of the country’s biggest tax evaders is being prepared by the BIR and would be released soon, he added.

In Davao City, the President assured that as soon as they pay the correct taxes, the rich businessmen would be “free of harassments.” He said the BIR will no longer go to their place and scrutinize their financial records.

“I will not allow that. Walang harassment yan. Magbayad ka ng taxes sa tama then you are free of any worry at least for all time during the year you have fully complied with the law,” he said.

“I will never never allow anybody also to disturb you,” he added. (Genalyn Kabiling)