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Energy firm vows jobs in rural communities

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An official of a renewable energy firm has said that sustainable and affordable jobs will soon be created in rural communities with the future installation of two power plants and expansion of idle lands where a variety of crop is planted and later converted into green coal.

“Empowering the Filipino through agriculture remains our core focus. The Mackay Green Energy Inc., through its agricultural based enterprises, will create sustainable and affordable jobs in rural communities, where they are most needed,” said James MacKay, chairman and chief executive officer of Mackay Green Energy.

Mackay said that MGE plans to construct an integrated based enterprises that will create encompass green coal, power, green gas, fuels, and chemicals all derived from the Mackay variety Bana Grass.

Launched in 2010, the MGE has created regular jobs for Filipinos as it gets closer to its goal on helping the country become more environmental-friendly.

“The company focuses on the development of various renewable energy systems designed to efficiently convert biomass to energy and fuels,” said Mackay.

One such project of the company is the Bana Grass, a crop imported by the firm that can be turned into fuel to produce energy. It is a perennial hybrid variety (pennisetum purpureum X pennisetum americanum) that is highly tolerant to drought and typhoons, pest resistant, and non-allergenic, he added. (Robert R. Requintina)