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‘Narco-cops’ disarmed

Policemen who surrendered after their names were included in the list of illegal drugs protectors were disarmed and will be placed under restrictive custody.

Senior Supt. Dionardo Carlos, spokesman of the Philippine National Police (PNP), said the restriction at Camp Crame of the so-called narco-cops will stay they are being investigated by the Internal Affairs Service (IAS).

A total of 43 active policemen have already showed up before the IAS after President Duterte announced their names on Sunday. The list includes 98 policemen.

“One of the recommendations is to strip the civilians in the list of the privilege to own and carry their firearms.

We also want this for the policemen who are also facing the same investigation,” said Carlos.

“They also have to be under the IAS custody to ensure their availability anytime as the investigation is being conducted. They will be placed in a holding unit where they will be accounted everyday” he added.

Part of the investigation, according to Carlos, is a check on the properties of the policemen that would help them establish the allegation that they have been receiving protection money from drug lords.

This early, Carlos said some of the policemen would be pinned down since the intelligence reports that they have been receiving indicate that some of the cops own condo units, cars and living a lifestyle of the rich.

“We will be asking the assistance of other government agencies to help us in our financial investigation,” said Carlos, referring to the Anti-Money Laundering Council.

Carlos said they are now also collating details from various police commanders to account for other policemen, especially in Mindanao and the Visayas, who were in the list of Duterte.

Carlos stressed that active policemen who were named by Duterte have no choice but to report to Camp Crame or to their immediate supervisors.

“If not, they could be charged with subordination. If they would not show up 11 days after the 24-hour deadline of the President lapses, then they will be placed on AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave),” said Carlos.

Based on initial accounting, there are still a lot of policemen who have not yet reported, according to Carlos.