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Enter Pinoy gentlemen

Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016

PINOY GENTLEMEN – Highspeed beauty expert Jay P. Delgado reports on one of the many contests for men. So many “beauty kings” sprouting like mushrooms all over the country.

The inaugural Gentlemen of the Philippines Pageant was held last July 31 at Trinity University of Asia Theater in Quezon City with 30 contestants from all over the Philippines and a handful from abroad competing.

The pageant – organized by Gentlemen of the Philippines Charities, Inc., headed by Ms. Preciosa Medina, a London-based nurse – aims to produce winners who are “more than good looks, a step above the rest.” Communications head Norman Tinio and his team of Gentlemen titleholders passionately and painstakingly ironed all the creases to come up with a good show and an amazing set of winners.

A Filipino-Italian fitness buff from Sicily topped the field and along with his co-winners, will compete in their respective international pageants later this year and next. They are:

• Andrea Biondo, 23, from Sicily, Italy, who will compete for Mister Universal Ambassador 2016 in Surabaya and Bali, Indonesia

• Job Abogado, 25, from Camarines Sur, a 6’2” hunk who will vie for Mister Model International 2016 in New Delhi, India

• Jason del Juan Martin, 21, from Gold Coast, Australia, who will vie for Mister Worlwide 2016 in Orlando, Florida, USA

• Paul Renzo Velo, 23, from London, UK who will compete for Mister Tourism Intenational 2017 in Panama City, Panama next year

• Kian Jabin Sumague, 21 from San Pablo City, who will vie for the first Mister Tourism World pageant in Bali, Indonesia

• Christian Lumasag, 25, of Cebu City, who will vie for Best Global Model in Thailand; and

• Mark Joshua Marquez, 18, of Milan, Italy, who will compete for Mr. Teen International in Indonesia next year.

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    Wow congratulations po sa mga winners.

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