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Gay love 5 times the fun

JUST A THOUGHT: “You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Christopher Columbus

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REGAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL: A veteran talent manager was telling me that she thanks social media for keeping her business afloat in the wake of stiff competition offered by TV and other well-oiled management arms these days.

She says that through her website, she can expose and market her wards locally and internationally.

‘I can easily conduct business for them now through and thanks to the internet,’ she says.

* * *

MOTHER LILY IS ONLINE: It was with a pleasant surprise then when I discovered that queen mother Lily Monteverde has similarly joined the social media frenzy.

Heard that the official Regal Films You Tube channel has been causing massive traffic on the internet of late as occasioned by a hilariously gay movie trailer. The titillating trailer is peopled by four men who play gay roles and a lone woman who can pass for a gay person herself.

The four actors – Eric Quizon, Billy Crawford, Kean Cipriano, Martin Escudero – (plus Angeline Quinto) – play the central characters in Regal Entertainment’s rollicking comedy, “That Thing Called Tanga Na,” opening in theaters nationwide on August 10.

“Tanga Na” is directed by multi-awarded Joel Lamangan, who earlier brought us such lovable gay comedies as “Pusong Mamon” and “So Happy Together.”

* * *

GANG OF HAPPY FRIENDS: “That Thing Called Tanga Na” tells the intertwining stories of five friends, each of whom makes an ultimate sacrifice in finding true love.

Eric is cast as a rich lawyer, a Pinoy movie fan. He freaks out when he discovers that his young boy toy is having an affair with a gay talent manager younger than him.

Billy is a closet gay working as a security guard. He plays dutiful wife to his live-in partner.

Kean is an online clothing company owner dreaming of marrying his partner in New York.

Martin, star of gay hit film Zoombading, is a transgender who financially supports his boyfriend and his family.

Angeline is Shirley, a trying hard singer/events specialist. She is married to an irresponsible guy who she discovers had a one-night stand with one of her gay friends. (NESTOR CUARTERO)

‘Tanga’ is now showing.