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Military told to hunt radical Islam teachers

President Duterte has ordered authorities to arrest and deport foreigners reportedly teaching Islamic radicalization and violent extremism in Mindanao.

The President said these foreign teachers reportedly spotted in some parts of Mindanao must be arrested before they could gain local followers.

“I have been informed that a lot of Caucasian-looking people are conducting teachings. Walang armas, wala lahat except the guys and education. They are foreigners,” the President said during a late night press conference in Davao City last Thursday.

“I told the military to validate it, and arrest all of them and we will deport them for acts inimical to (the country),” he added.

The President recently warned of the imminent threat of the Islamic State in the country, citing the need to enhance the defense capability of the Armed Forces.

Duterte, in his visit to a military camp in Zamboanga del Sur last Wednesday, said the country will have a problem with ISIS “in three to seven years” if the situation is not immediately addressed.

Duterte said some Arab-looking missionaries have reportedly visited Mindanao to engage in “indoctrination.”
(Genalyn D. Kabiling)