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She was broke when she started working on her first book. It was said that she even had to use a computer in a public library because she did not have her own personal computer. Years later, her book became a series. There are even movie versions. Both are making huge money!

J.K. Rowling was penniless, but she had ideas and she had a dream. She is not only confident and hard-working. The author of the Harry Potter series is persistent!

She is a living proof that nothing can stop a determined person with a dream. If you do not have money, do you at least have ideas and a dream? Are you confident and hard-working? Most important of all – are you persistent? Do you clam up when there are obstacles and oppositions or do you persevere and find ways?

People who believe in the beauty of their dreams find ways while others make a thousand excuses. Look around you. This is what separates people with a purpose and a vision from those who live only for the moment. The former are busy and fired up. They have a sense of responsibility and achievement. The latter are idle, bored, and fed up. They have a litany of excuses and a sense of entitlement. I guess nobody encouraged them to believe in themselves and in what they can do, so they don’t do anything productive or meaningful.

What special gifts and abilities do you have? Use them!

What is your dream? What will fuel you into action especially during the days when you are tired and there are mounting bills to pay? What will motivate you to go on and where will you draw the courage to go on when there is no guarantee of success… and when you don’t know when things will turn into your favor?

Believe in yourself even if it seems that nobody else does. God created you for a role. Discover your role and play it well. “Fix your eyes on your purpose”!

(Marilyn Arayata: arayatamarilyn.wordpress.com)