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Beauty queen to foreigners: ‘Nothing to fear about PH’

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REIGNING Miss Global Philippines Camille Hirro has assured foreign visitors that they are safe in the country as it cleans up its ranks so that it can move forward.

“This is really nothing. We’re cleaning up the ranks so we can move forward. It’s not terrorism also. They have nothing to fear about the Philippines. They are safe here now. We’re trying to clear the streets now of bad elements and it’s a good thing,” said Hirro, during the launch of the 2016 Miss Global International in Mandaluyong City.

Hirro, 28, announced that the Philippines will be host to some 50 candidates of the Miss Global 2016 international pageant which will be held at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City on Sept. 24.

Asked what she wanted to tell the foreign delegates about the current events in the country, the University of the Philippines cum laude graduate said: “I will tell them it’s a process. Every country has to go through a violent stage to get to where they are now. But compared to other countries, this is really nothing. It’s just in different areas, not the whole country like war in the Middle East. It’s groundbreaking to have a President really go after them. It’s something that has never been done before. It’s a very exciting time to be part of. We don’t realize how big the problem is until now.”

Hirro said that she expects the Philippines to be really violent at least for the first few years as it undergoes changes.

“I expect a lot of savings from the government because we are going to get rid of corruption. We will have so much budget for other things like health and education,” she added.

The former speech writer at the Senate also shared her thoughts on extra-judicial killings in the country.

“People are campaigning against extra-judicial killings but they have to realize it as well, extra judicial killings, we have to differentiate them from regular crimes,” she said.

“Extra-judicial killings were about those that were done by the government. It has to be by the police, by the soldier, or any government agents. When it’s a crime, that’s different. Like those we see on the other side of the road wrapped up in a tape. That’s different;

“If it’s by a vigilante, we cannot call it an extra-judicial killing. It’s just a crime. Of course we also have to go after who are doing that. It’s still a crime and you have to pay for whatever you do,” added Hirro, the country’s first short-haired beauty queen in recent years.