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Drug-free, graft-free country, Duterte assures countrymen

In marking his 50th day in power, President Duterte declared that he is doing his best to attain a “drug-free” and “graft-free” country.

The President however refused to claim “any great success” so far, saying he would continue to work for the interest of the nation.

“I would say I’m trying my very best, period. I do not claim any great success, maybe failures here and there. But I would make the assessment na ginagawa ko lahat ‘to sa trabaho ko because I’m paid for it,” the President said in a press conference last Wednesday night.

“I’m paid and I work. I got elected and I give to the people what they want. They want a graft-free government, makukuha nila, makukuha ninyo. Drug-free, graft-free,” he added.

Duterte’s 50th day in office fell last Thursday, August 18.

The tough-talking former Davao City mayor took his oath as the country’s president last June 30 after a landslide victory in the May elections. He made a campaign promise to suppress drugs and crime within the first six months in office.

Since then, his administration has stepped up the campaign against illegal drugs resulting to the arrest of thousands of drug dependents. Duterte also launched a name-and-shame campaign against drug dealers and their cohorts in government.

When asked if he was on track on his anti-crime drive, the President said: “I would say, nandito ako because if not, I would not be standing here before you.”

The President reaffirmed he would put at stake his life, honor, and presidency in addressing crime and corruption in the country. (GENALYN KABILING)